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Ea - Sovereignty

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻAina i ka Pono
The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness
He Aupuni Palapala Ko‘u 
Mine is a Kingdom of Education

"Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻAina i ka Pono" was first spoken by Kamehameha III Kauikeaouli on July 31, when the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Hawaii, was returned by the British. Today, we celebrate this day as Lā Hoʻihoʻi Ea. Another of Kauikeaoli famous sayings is "He Aupuni Palapala Koʻu.

We remember the difficult decisions our ancestors had to make, navigating the changes and shifts in the world during their time, to preserve our ‘Āina and traditions.

We can learn from their mo’olelo and legacy.


Kohala Hawaiian Civic Club

The Kohala Hawaiian Civic Club was organized and chartered in 1956. The club was an effort to raise civic awareness in the community of North Kohala while also perpetuating the unique culture of our Kohala community. Kohala Hawaiian Civic Club was famous for their choir group, their hospitality, and their pride for Kohala. In the past, KHCC coordinated the community’s Kamehameha Day celebrations, organized community scholarships, and were advocates for different community initiatives. Members of our club are currently active with our high school youth and community stewardship projects of Kohala Wahi Pana like Pololū and Māhukona. KHCC Motto is Kināʻole (Doing the right thing).

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History of Hawaiʻi

Pa'a Ke Aupuni

"Paʻa Ke Aupuni is a unique 60-minute hand-drawn, animated film that gets straight to the point. It zooms in on key facts explaining how the Hawaiian Kingdom came to be, how it evolved to stand firmly on the international world stage of sovereign nations, and how the United States came to claim Hawai‘i. In many ways, Ke Aupuni Hawai‘i, the Hawaiian government, remains pa‘a—steadfast and enduring. Yet “pa‘a” can also describe something that is stuck or retained, in this case by powers holding fast to control over Hawai‘i. Pa‘a Ke Aupuni lays bare the realities of this history. It’s a set of facts we all need to know."

More EA coming soon

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